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About us

We are an independent, non-profit organization of pilots, cabin attendants and ground personnel, including air traffic controllers, managers of various airlines, ground steward(s) and other personnel working in the aviation industry. 

We are currently all actively employed by one of the many employers in the aviation sector.

The foundation mainly strives for the right to self-determination and the preservation of physical integrity. We adopt a cooperative attitude and are committed to solving prevailing dilemmas, for example regarding corona vaccination or its registration. This philosophy guides all our activities.

Mark Juch – Chairman and founder Luchtvaartcollectief.nl

He started his pilot career with the Royal Netherlands Air Force and has been working as a commercial pilot since 1990. He currently acts as a commander on the Boeing 777 and 787. He studied business administration at the University of Groningen.

There are also more than 15 volunteers active for the Aviation Covid Collective Foundation.

Contact us

We are happy about your interest. Unfortunately it is not always possible to answer questions directly personally, but we will do our best.

Your suggestions and feedback are more than welcome!

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