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Aviation Collective

Who we are

The Aviation Collective is an independent organization of professionals working in aviation, including cabin crew, ground staff, air traffic controllers and airline pilots.

Right to human integrity

Preserving physical and mental integrity are our fundamental values. Freedom of choice and the right to self-determination are inextricably linked to this.

For free choice and job retention

Freedom of choice in physical and mental integrity should never conflict with job security. Each person’s individual choice in this should be respected, without any kind of obligation.

No mandatory vaccination

We are for control of one’s own body. We will support the common interest of people working in aviation in defending their fundamental rights, freedom of choice and job security.

How we achieve this

We engage constructively with the parties involved in order to find solutions that do justice to the interests of both employees and employers, supported where necessary by legal advice.

How you can contribute

Inform. Communicate. Connect.